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What They are Saying


"WOW looks beautiful, I can tell you that I am fascinated with my house, each time I like it more and more, thank you".

Hacienda Otay, Owner


“Great Success. Everyone loved it. As they should. Thank you for such a wonderful transformation. We are so happy”.

Casa West, Jan and Bill Bassett


“Instead of a hybridized or bicultural forms, they are focused on new strategies and design solutions that can better connect people, develop community and challenge outmoded or inflexible design and zoning ordinances”.

“Order in Chaos” is a design lesson the genial Reyes said he took from his countless border crossings”.

“The process of solving a particular design problem successfully challenging the status quo to make better use of land and design opportunities is where they say they make their mark.”

Ann Jarmush, Architecture Critic, San Diego Union Tribune



In their unanimous recognition of Reyes’ design credentials and community involvement, the jurors commended the architect’s design skills, professional involvement and communication abilities, commenting that he is “a renaissance architect oozing with talent,” with “extraordinary” sketching abilities and a community-based approach in his projects.

Jury comments, YAYA Award, Young Architect of the Year Award 2000,

San Diego American Institute of Architects


“I admire your courage. Joe had it right. You have left a legacy that will not be forgotten”.

“Hector gave a community its vision of place”.

“Hector’s ability to work with a wide diversity of community residents and incorporate their ideas into an overall plan, has been a key to the success of the project.” 

“Hector teamed with community artists to work with neighborhood residents in developing a unique architectural approach deeply rooted in ancient elements, textures and colors.

Jennifer Vanica, Executive Director of the Jacobs Center for Non-Profit Innovation



An “Architect is building a connection. At the height of a heated competition 4 1/2 years ago for the contract to design Market Creek Plaza, Hector Reyes did something no other architect in the running did. He reached into the large surrounding multi ethnic community on the city's south side and learned what the people wanted to see in a huge, multi million dollar neighborhood showcase that would include shops and a cultural and community center”. 

Ozzie Roberts, Columnist, San Diego Union Tribune



“Hector's superb talent and breadth of experience contributed greatly to the Fehlman LaBarre team's ability to plan and design new and renovation projects and environments that are beyond our clients' expectations"

Mark Fehlman and Michael LaBarre, Fehlman LaBarre Architecture Planning


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