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Market Creek Plaza
Year: 2007
Award: Awards of Excellence: 2007 Finalist
Project: Retail, Restaurant, Amphitheater, Civic,Parks/Open Space, Surface Parking.


Market Creek Plaza has had a pronounced economic and social impact on the neighborhood and the region. Market Creek Plaza, which opened in January 2001 and was completed in August 2005 at a cost of approximately $25 million, meets residents’ needs with 77,482 square feet (7,198 m2) of retail space, including a bank, restaurants, multicultural shops, and the first major chain grocery store in the community in 30 years.
The project also contains a 500-seat open-air amphitheater that hosts a variety of community events. Public art throughout the plaza celebrates local heroes and the community’s ethnic and cultural identities. The project is now owned by more than 500 local residents who purchased ownership units in the plaza through a first-of-its-kind community development initial public offering.






Market Creek Plaza
Year: 2008
Award: Social Equity Award
Project: Retail, Restaurant, Amphitheater, Civic,Parks/Open Space, Surface Parking.


The Urban Land Institute (ULI) San Diego/Tijuana District Council today presented its fourth annual Smart Growth Awards program at the newly renovated Balboa Theatre. The Smart Growth Awards Program recognizes distinguished planning and design achievement as well as visionaries helping to fulfill and advance the principles of smart growth. ULI defines smart growth as development that is economically sound, environmentally friendly and supportive of community livability. The keynote speaker for the event was Jerry Yudelson, PE, MBA, LEED™ AP, one of the country’s leading experts on green buildings and green building marketing. Market Creek Plaza earned the Social Equity Award by advancing smart growth with its proximity to the Euclid Transit Station and being an integral part of The Village at Market Creek, an economic revitalization project that will transform 60 under-utilized acres into a thriving area with 800 new homes, 350,000 square feet of commercial and industrial development and 800 new jobs, when it is completed.






Year: 2010
Award: San Diego Architectural Foundation:
              Community Vision Award
Project: Retail, Restaurant, Amphitheater, Civic,Parks/Open Space, Surface Parking.


The Community Vision Award is designed to recognize and promote the implementation of Smart Growth, collaborative, sustainable and green building practices in revitalizing urban areas of San Diego County. Exemplify design excellence. Demonstrate positive results of community interaction with design and development entities. Provide for “Smart Growth” in terms of both respecting existing community patterns and yet being additive to the quality and urban nature of a community. Are designed and built with sustainable design and environmental sensitivities. The intent of the Award Program is to encourage the construction of projects that will serve as examples for future urbanization throughout the region. While all three finalists exemplified the criteria necessary for nomination, it was the Village at Market Creek with its multicultural strength and outstanding collaborative efforts that ultimately moved the committee to their decision. The Village plan transforms nearly 50 acres of underutilized land into a vibrant “hub” of residential, commercial, and cultural components.






Oliver McMillan YAYA 2000
Year: 2001
Award: 1st Recipient of the Young Architect of the Year
Project: Retail, Restaurant, Amphitheater, Civic,Parks/Open Space, Surface Parking.


The YAYA competition was open to San Diego architects licensed for less than 10 years.
Entrants were judged on their understanding of applying architecture for community, social, cultural, and economic use; imaginative and powerful forward-looking ideas which are practically and aesthetically resolved and generate a sense of excitement in the viewer; understanding materials and construction techniques and an ability to use them in an original manner; and the ability to make a coherent presentation with sufficient information to demonstrate professional expertise white remaining accessible to a lay person.


City of Chula Vista
Year: 2016
Award: "BEST" new residential construction - single family
Project: Custom Residential

The award celebrates the "BEST" in art, architecture, landscape in the City of Chula Vista, CA. "Hacienda Otay takes inspiration from the traditional Hacienda floor plan. Hacienda Otay integrates the indoor and outdoor spaces with creative separation between the living areas and the gardens, patios, courtyards, and promenades. The building materials include stone and timber integrated with steel, stucco and concrete."

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