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􀂃 House of México, Historic Balboa Park,  San Diego, CA 2018-19.

    Interior Design donated by REYES architects

House of Mexico's mission is to share, celebrate, educate, and promote the culture and history of Mexico to San Diego and its visitors. Currently our main goal is to raise funds to construct a cottage that will provide a physical presence in Balboa Park. In addition, providing year round programming at Balboa Park sharing the rich culture, arts, food, and traditions of Mexico.

􀂃 Vista Redevelopment Corporation ‘CVRC’, Board of Director, 2007-2010

The CVRC is a non-profit, public benefit organization formed by the city to support the planning and redevelopment activities of the City Council and Redevelopment Agency. Its members consist of local and regional experts who help oversee the redevelopment process; and have expertise in the fields of: business; finance; architecture; civil engineering; urban and environmental planning; science; education; environmental remediation-law; real estate development, investment and law. As the City gears up for redevelopment opportunities, the high profile CVRC will play a key role in shaping the city’s future.


􀂃 Citizens Leadership Academy, City of Chula Vista, CA 2008.

In an effort to take civic engagement to a new level, a select group of community leaders are provided with an inside look at city programs, services, policies and issues.


􀂃 Climate Change Working Group, City of Chula Vista, CA 2007.

Focused on the reduction of the community’s “Carbon Footprint”.


􀂃 Graduated LEAD San Diego, Class of 2007.

LEAD San Diego is one of the oldest and most prestigious community leadership organizations in the nation and is highly regarded throughout the greater San Diego region. Its members represent all sectors of our community and are dedicated to providing leadership that is dynamic, meaningful, and relevant.

􀂃 Creative San Diego (Industries) Committee, City of San Diego, Member 2007.


􀂃 San Diego State University, master of urban design guest critic, 2002-2010.




􀂃 San Diego State University, master of urban design guest critic,

2005 till present

􀂃 Urban Land Institute San Diego/Tijuana,

Spring 2004

“City of Villages: Market Creek Plaza”

􀂃 Architectural Guest Design Speaker: Colegio de Arquitectos,

October 2002

“En busqueda de una arquitectura regional”, Colegio de Arquitectos headquarters, Tijuana, BC, Mexico


􀂃 Friends of Architecture, Lecture series 2001-02,

May 2002

“WE are AQUI: a search for regional identity”, New School of Architecture, San Diego, CA

􀂃 Parents Adolescents and Others Developing Educational Resources,

December 2001

Motivational guest speaker, Sherman Heights Community Center, San Diego, CA

􀂃 Architectural Guest Design Speaker: Architectural Department,

1994, 2001

“Current Work”, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA

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