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Hacienda Otay

Hacienda Otay takes inspiration from the traditional Hacienda floor plan. Hacienda Otay integrates the indoor and outdoor spaces with creative separation between the living areas and the gardens, patios, courtyards, and promenades. The building materials include stone and timber integrated with steel, stucco and concrete. The result is a Contemporary Mexican Hacienda.

An emotional journey with the owner as the genesis of a lifelong dream which becomes more than a house. This house evolves into a Hacienda that performs from formal to entertainment to private.

While the design approach is classical and atemporal, the elements of the Hacienda are deeply rooted in cultural traditions. The inspiration from the micro-model of the pueblos, “the house, the plaza, the horses, the friendly trees, the water, the courtyard, regional materials” are elements for dramatic, which is both deliberately monumental and static in quality.


The wall is both the supreme entity and the inhabitant of a larger metaphysical landscape: a screen for revealing the hidden materiality inspired by México. The fountains and carefully constructed plazas seem to stand as great formal stages for the promenade of the mythological, the one which offers the user a message of beauty and an emotion of the senses.

The Woods, Chula Vista, CA

Project type:       Custom Residential


Program:            Area (12,000 SF)

                            2 levels, 5 bedrooms, 

                            8 bathrooms, courtyards,

                            decks, promenades, pool

Site Area:           1.81 AC


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