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Audio-Video Studio

Lincoln HS, Chula Vista, CA

Two existing classrooms to be converted into a high-tech video studio for broadcasting (TV, Video, announcements, and other information) to high school campus. the video studio has a double wall which are independent of each other for sound mitigation with acoustical panels on all walls, the editing room also has acoustical panels. All interior walls have sound proof insulation.

(DRY - LABORATORY) - Moderately constrained three-dimensional footprint surrounded by occupied and heavily used teaching and facilities. Design for proposed new Vanilla Shell structure. In coordination with existing building parameters, faculty and student stakeholders. New mechanical HVAC to dampen sound, new eletrical power, fixtures. New data connections for all spaces.

Project type:       Renovation

Program:            Area (1,800 SF)

                            (1) Audio - Video Studio,

                            (1) Editing Room,

                            (1) Computer Lab,

                            (1) Storage area,



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